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    Trump International Beach Resort Miami, Miami - save 38%

    Trump International Beach Resort Miami, Miami - save 38%

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    313€ 194

    If you’re looking for luxury, Trump International Beach Resort Miami has got it in spades. This stylish retreat is as fancy as they come, although never so much that you can’t feel free to kick off your shoes and relax: "When the black tie comes off, the fun really begins" is one of its catchphrases. And fun, it turns out, is also in high supply, here at this 2016 Forbes Four-Star destination. There are watersports to try on the next-door Atlantic, from jet-skiing to bodysurfing; waterfalls to splash in and TV- and refrigerator-equipped cabanas to stake out by the grotto-style ocean-view pool; Mediterranean and Asian dishes to sample at the restaurants; SoBe, Aventura and Bal Harbour-bound shopping shuttles to embark…

    If you prefer something a little quieter or calmer,...  

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